Obligation to use a pilot

The vessel shall use a pilot in the Finnish pilotage area, unless otherwise provided by the VTS fairway-specific limitation on the obligation to use a pilot or the vessel's cargo. The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency’s regulation TRAFICOM/452299/ lays down provisions on the obligation to use a pilot and the related procedures in Finnish waters.


Advance notification to Pilot Dispatch Centre

The vessel shall give the Pilot Dispatch Centre an advance notification of the need for pilotage at least 24 hours and 12 hours before arriving at the pilot boarding position and at least 12 hours and 6 hours before leaving the port. The advance notification shall include information on, for example, the need for pilotage, the technical characteristics of the vessel, the draught of the vessel at the beginning of pilotage, any technical deficiencies affecting pilotage, and other deficiencies that affect the safety of the pilot or pilotage negatively. The information will be submitted to Finnpilot, which will forward the information to VTS. For more details on the advance notification, please visit Finnpilot at https://finnpilot.fi/en/for-customers/service-terms-for-pilotage/.


Pilot Exemption Certificate

If a vessel has been granted a Pilot Exemption Certificate or it has been granted exemption from compulsory pilotage, the master of the vessel shall, upon entry into a VTS area, report the number of the exemption to the VTS centre. This report can also be submitted in advance. An advance notice can be made for several voyages at the same time.